Our services

We render a full range of services in the field of architectural and engineering designing of residential buildings (from private houses to cottage settlements and multi-storey housing estates) and public buildings (from restaurants and boutiques to hotels and buildings of health care facilities). Works on interior design of any objects are in detail and carefully performed. In more detail:

A. Designing

1. Development of the concept, the outline sketch, the booklet for statement in administration.

2. The project, the stage "П", all sections under the 87-th resolution with protection in State. To examination.

1 Explanatory note of "ПЗ"

2 Scheme of the planning organization of the parcel of land  "ПЗУ"

3 Architectural concepts  "АР"

4 Constructive and space-planning solutions "КР"

5 Data on the engineering equipment, on networks of technical providing, list of technical actions, contents of technology solutions "ИОС"

6 Project of the organization of a construction "ПОС"

7 The project of the organization of works on demolition or dismantle of capital construction projects "ПОД"

8 List of actions for environmental protection of "ООС"

9 Actions for ensuring fire safety of "ПБ"

10 Actions for ensuring access of disabled people "ОДИ"

11 The estimate on construction of facilities of capital construction "СМ"

12 Other documentation in the cases provided by federal laws including: 

  List of actions for civil defense, actions for the prevention of emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature "ГОЧС"

 Actions for counteraction to acts of terrorism  "ПТА"

Actions for ensuring compliance energy efficiency and requirements of equipment of the building, structures and a construction metering devices of the used energy resources  "ЭЭФ"


3. Design engineering, stage "Р", all sections,

 The production technology  "ТХ" 

  The master plan "ГП"

  Architectural concepts  "АР"

 Architectural and construction decisions the EXPERT In case of combination of working drawings of architectural concepts and building constructions

AI interiors Working drawings can be combined with the main set of the ARE or EXPERT brand

Designs steel concrete "КЖ"

Designs metal "КМ"

Designs metal detail "КМД"

Designs wooden "КД"

Water supply and the sewerage "ВК"

Heating, ventilation and conditioning of "ОВ"

Cold supply   "ХС"

The power "ЭМ" electric equipment -

Electric lighting (internal)  "ЭО"

Radio communication, broadcasting and television "РТ"

Fire extinguishing of "ПТ"

The fire alarm "ПС"

Security and the security fire alarm "ОС"

External networks of water supply and the sewerage "НВК"

External networks of water supply "НВ"In case of separation of the main set of the "НВК" brand

External networks of the sewerage of the Tax Code In case of separation of the main set of the NVK brand

Heatmechanical decisions of thermal networks of the "ТС"

External electric lighting "ЭН"

Power supply "ЭС"

Automation "АТ"

4. Architectural supervision

5. Performance of function of gen. designer

B. Interior design

1. Creation of the concept, with development of the individual stylistic decision

2. Development of the outline sketch including planning solutions, a set of finishing materials, color schemes, selections of furniture and fabrics, 3D visualization

3. Development of the worker design – the project with a complete set of drawings: plans, development of walls, cuts, knots and details, with drawing electric and other engineering systems, apportions of finishing materials, specifications on materials furniture and the equipment.

4. Architectural supervision